Nordfab quick fit ducting system Brisbane Australia Learn More Quick-Fit (QF) Ducting incorporates streamlined installation and cost savings to improved air quality, sustainability, and operational efficiency. DUCTING NORDFAB Nederman Filterbox Mobile Dust Collector Extractor Australia Mobile Filterbox Flexible and modular portable welding fume and dust extractor that solves most common demands regarding welding fumes and non-combustible dust. Learn More AirEng Industrial Fan System Sales & Installation Brisbane Australia AirEng INDUSTRIAL FANS Air moving equipment that incorporates leading edge technology, practical design, robust construction, cost effectiveness and rapid supply. Nederman Industrial Fume & Dust Filtration systems Australia NEDERMAN Oil Mist FIlters Oil mist filters are designed to collect and filter oil, water-soluble & synthetic coolant mists from machining operations reducing the risks of mist related hazards. Learn More
Nederman Industrial Fume & Dust Filtration systems Australia


We are the experts in all aspects of fume and dust filtration systems for Queensland. We supply and install purpose-fit industrial filters for any fume and dust extraction requirements, from small installations to large turnkey projects.

AirEng Industrial Fume & Dust Fan systems Australia

AirEng Industrial Fan Supplier

We specialise in custom centrifugal fans, axial fans, blowers, damper flow control devices and acoustic silencers for all industrial applications. Our fans are manufactured in Australia for Australian conditions.

Welcome to the home of fume and dust extraction

Fume & Dust Control

We specialise in all fume and dust extraction requirements, from small installations to large turnkey projects.

We pride ourselves on supplying the highest quality products at a reasonable cost to our customers. Our main products include NedermanAirEng Fans.

FUME & DUST CONTROL Pty Ltd are proud to be an Australian owned company supplying the Queensland market.

Nederman Air Purification Tower

Industrial Filtration

Regardless of your industry, a clean and safe work place is paramount.

Our ducting solutions will create a healthier working environment for you and your employees, leading to increased productivity.

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A clean and safe working environment, free from dust and fumes, is essential. 

Happy Employees

Without harmful dust, fumes and odours, your employees can fully concentrate on their work.

Increased Productivity

Watch as your productivity increases when you have a healthy environment and happy employees.

Discounted prices on fume & dust extractors and fans

Fume & Dust Control Specials Deals

Our monthly special deals are available to both new and existing customers, so take advantage today. 

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